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Surabaya is the second biggest city in Indonesia after Jakarta, well known as Heroes City. A tall and proud memorial monument stands in the centre of the main city to commemorate the heroes who fought and died in the independence war on the 10th of November 1945. Surabaya is the center of government and business activities in the eastern part of Indonesia, and also the Naval Base of Indonesia.

Places to be visited:
* Surabaya Zoo (one of the most complete zoo in East Asia)
* Tanjung Perak harbour & Kalimas traditional port
* House of Sampoerna museum
* Jembatan Merah monument
* China Town
* Ampel (Arab quarter)
* KRI Pasopati (Sub Marine Monument)
* Mirota handycraft center

Head Office:
Surabaya : Jl. Sulawesi 27 - 29 Surabaya 60281

Phone : (031) 635-4000

web :

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